2017 Workshop


Title: Water Sensory and Proficiency Workshop

Presenter: Evelyne Canterranne, Head of Water Sensory, FlavorActiV Ltd

Rationale: This interactive and practical workshop, delivered by one of FlavorActiV’s most experience trainers, will give participants an insight into how a comprehensive proficiency scheme can deliver measurable results and reduce risk. The tasting sessions will focus on common water defects, and will use advanced tasting skills and varying concentrations levels to help participants to identify the flavour. The origins and causes of the flavours will be discussed. After training the participants will undergo a demo proficiency round using blind flavours, akin to how their company taste panel would be assessed and monitored. This method of supporting tasters is proven in many beverage sectors and works across a global platform. The results will be fed into the dedicated and anonymised online proficiency scheme, giving instant and visible results that will highlight a range of performance indicators, including; overall performance, individual performance, confusion analysis, and flavour spider graph. A summary and Q&A will conclude proceedings.


  • Intro; brief history of sensory (10 min)
  • 2 tasting sessions (using the 15 flavours from the Drinking Water Proficiency Scheme)
    • Session 1, 10 flavours (high concentration) (60 min)
    • Session 2, 10 flavours (low) + 5 (new flavours, high) (45 min)
  • 1 proficiency round (based on above flavours) (45 min)
    • Live recording and analysis of results (linked to software, with individual/panel breakdown)
  • Summary; the value of sensory to your company (10 min)
  • Q&A (10 min)