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Abstract submission (Passed deadline):

Please submit an abstract of maximum 250 words in a “Microsoft word” file. Please include within the abstract the title, name of the corresponding author (email and contact) and co-authors, affiliations, and the corresponding conference topic (please select only one topic per abstract). Please indicate if the submitted abstract is intended for oral or poster presentation. Please submit your abstract to: (please contact the conference chair in case of any issues with abstract submission using the following email:


Conference themes:

1. Taste and Odors (T&O)

  • T&O Emerging Issues
  • T&O in Source Water/Distribution Systems
  • T&O in Other Environmental Media
  • T&O Analytical and Monitoring Methods
  • Mitigation laws of T&O
  • Impact of Climate Change on T&O Problems
  • T&O Treatment Technology
  • T&O Regulations and Standards
  • T&O Risk Management
  • Community engagement
  • Customer perception
  • Taxonomic/Biochemical/Molecular Methods for T&O producers

2. Algae

  • Occurrence of algae blooms
  • Origins/causes of algae blooms
  • Control strategies of algae blooms
  • Derivative secretions from algae blooms
  • Algae treatment technology (Pre-oxidation, Filtration, Air flotation, Disinfection ect.)
  • Disinfection by-products (DBPs) formation from algae blooms
  • DBPs formation from algae derivative secretions

3. Algal Toxins

  • Algal toxins Emerging Issues
  • Algal toxins in Source Water/Distribution Systems
  • Algal toxins and aquaculture
  • Algal toxins in Other Environmental Media
  • Algal toxins Analytical and Monitoring Methods
  • Mitigation laws of algal toxins
  • Impact of climate change on algal toxins problems
  • Algal toxins treatment technology
  • Algal toxins regulations
  • Algal toxins risk management


Conference key dates:

Key  dates

Call for papers open

31 January 2016

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20 June 2016

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July 2016

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31  August 2016

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November 2016